Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still in Berrien Springs

As most of you already know, my sister, Eleanor Umek, died suddenly Feb. 20. Since I am not working, I stayed on for a while and am at my other sister's house (Carolyn Grubbs). I am doing what I can to help my niece pack up her mom's things. I hope you will keep the family in your prayers as they tackle this extremely difficult task...both emotionally and physically.

Both Dena and Carolyn caught a very bad cold, and so I am glad I am here to do what I can to help out. Primarily, I think, it's more emotional support, although my numerous moves about the country have developed some pretty solid packing skills...I knew that would come in handy some day...yeah, right. We picked up some "end rolls" from the newspaper office for packing breakables and are on our second roll already, so I guess that's progress.

Also, Don is coming at the beginning of his spring break on Thursday, and we will be going back home on the 25/26th. We will pick Noylen up on the 25th and drive down to Indpls where we will fly out the next morning. We thank you for the many expressions of sympathy and prayers that have ascended for the family. Praise the Lord for his precious promises of sustaining grace and of his promise to come again to reunite us with Him and our loved ones.