Thursday, January 8, 2009


Doc needs more info to know why Noylen's enzymes continue to rise (according to biopsy). She will have an ultrasound in the morning. Will update tomorrow.

This is tomorrow. They are going to do endoscopy to remove stones, may need surgery later to remove gall bladder...yet to be determined. She has jaundice but not hepatitis. I'll add any editing to this tomorrow rather than putting up a new blog. She'll be in the hospital a couple more days at least.

Sunday...Surgery to remove gallbladder is scheduled for Tuesday. No stones in the duct.

Surgery still scheduled for Tuesday. They had to put in a PICC line cause she kept blowing out the IV's and has bruises everywhere from attempts. I sense some apprehension and am sorry I am not closer, but have said all I can to let her know this is such a common surger

Today is Tuesday, Surgery done laproscopically, everything went as expected. Noylen will be in overnight...release planned for Wednesday.


Noylen is in the hospital again. This time they are getting ready to do an ultrasound and a liver bioposy. She has jaundice and they think will need her gall bladder removed. She's been in the hospital with the same symptoms a couple of times since October or November. I'm getting all my information from her right now, but after the testing is done, I hope to speak with her doctor. She's had a lot of pain and unable to keep anything down. Her enzyme levels were up 58 points since Dec 27...the last time she was there.

Monday, January 5, 2009

All is Quiet at the Perkins House

All is quiet in the Perkins household everywhere but inside the memory bank. I can look at the pictures taken with a camera as well as the ones clicked in my mind. The above picture is Angelina with her cousin, Lydia on her right and Lydia's two cousins. The boy on the end is Lydia's brother, (and of course Angelina's cousin, too) They are waiting for the parade to begin, and what a wonderful time we all had there in Pasadena. Lydia's dad and his sisters spent the night on the corner so we could have front row seats. Even though I lived in Loma Linda 3 years, I never went to the parade, so it was a first for us.

At the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, we took pictures of Angelina comparing handprints with Margaret O'Brien and Shirley Temple. She thought it was a lot of fun and so did we. I'd put up the Hollywood sign, but I think you all know what it's like! Ryan Clinite was our tour guide for this part of the sight seeing. Thanks, Ryan...we wouldn't have done it on our own.

And what's a trip to Disneyland without a picture taken sitting in the tea cup. Angelina loved all the rides, and I had to go on this one with her because Esther was getting a fast pass at the time, and they wouldn't let her go on it alone. The last time I was at Disneyland many years ago, I got dizzy from all the whirling rides and felt so sick. I had already been on Space Mountain (with my eyes closed some of the time) and a couple other roller coaster ones. But I found if I just looked at Angelina inside the "cup" it didn't make me dizzy, so I did fine. I went on the Materhorn (I think it's called something else now) and one other one and (surprisingly) didn't get dizzy or have to close my eyes.

Yes, it was this crowded everywhere...we picked the busiest day, I think. They even closed the park to admissions early due to the size of the crowd. That was the bummer part.

Need I say more...Angelina is having a great time, as you can see. Well, I'll add some more pictures on the side later. Right now I need to dismantle Christmas decorations and clean up a dirty house that has been neglected since December 16...but it certainly has been worth it. Thank you, Esther and Angelina, for making our Christmas, and thank you, Nick, for spending a Christmas without them so we could not be so lonely. You are special, too, and we hope next year you will be able to come out with them. And to my other kids...start saving so you can come, too.