Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on Don's sister, Dorothy Armstrong.

We got the following e-mail from Dorothy's husband on Sabbath:

"Dot has taken a down turn this am. She tried to go to the bathroom early this morning and didn't get out of the bedroom before she fell due to weakness. I awoke to her making noise trying to get up. She could not assist me in getting up. After using the bathroom and getting back to the bed I checked her pulse and it was very rapid. Close to 120. I called the hospice people and a nurse came out and did a check. Dot could respond but like she was half asleep. She is resting and it looks like she will probably spend most of her time in bed now. It is impossible for me to predict what is going to happen."

The hospice nurse told Clyde that the 6-month long-end estimate was probably more optimistic than realistic, especially since this last incident. Don and I will be driving up Thursday to visit. Clyde said he thought Dorothy might recognize him but not sure she would really know he was there or interact.

On a brighter note, Tandita arrived Sunday and will be here for a month doing her last clinical to complete her Physical Therapist Assistant program and will graduate with her Associate degree in May. Don and I will be going back for her graduation in Battle Creek...Kellogg Community College.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don wanted me to upload this picture even tho it is blurry, cause he didn't like the other one. It is proof that he's officially a Californian. I think not! However it is proof that he finally did cut through all the red tape of getting the license plate since they wanted his mother's signature cause her name was included on the title to the van. It only took nearly 6 months, and the DMV was great. If you recall the story about meeting Johnnie, the elderly man that we met at the DMV and Don helped him get his license...well, I think that didn't hurt any in they're being cooperative...that plus Don went in numerous times trying to work it out. We finally got it the end of December or the first of January.

I took pictures of the first and second graders making dinosaurs out of shape blocks and legos. They are learning about dinosaurs for science. I hope to be able to send them so my e-mail so I can save them to the computer, but I haven't figured out how to do that. I tried to send it to Don's phone since the teacher I subbed for was at the same meetings but it wouldn't send. I'm still learning how to be technologically saavy! But I guess at least I'm trying!

I enjoyed the kids in 1st and 2nd grade even more than the other classroom, although they were a good group, too. Don asked me if I was ready to teach full time now. Guess what I said.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Home!

Don says it's time that I write on my blog. Let's see, do I always do what Don says? Hmm.

Don came to Michigan during his spring break, and I picked him up in Indianapolis on a Thursday night. We drove down to Georgia Friday and went to see Jairo on Sabbath. It was a nice surprise for him and a great treat for us. He has been doing construction during the week. His court date was moved back to May 22 when they moved him, but he just got word that it was moved back to April 22. Wow, never knew they did that! Anyhow, he looked good, and we have had some incredible letters from him during the past few months that make my heart sing. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Noylen came home with us and is making the effort to bring some order to her life and future. You can pray that she find a good therapist that understands what she needs. We had communion at church today, and they have a place for families to have the footwashing ceremony together here, and that was nice to do together. Keep us all in your prayers as our kids are all finding their way through life. They have struggles we never experienced nor quite understand.

I called Carolyn today, and she was watching her favorite 3ABN evangelist, Mr. Astcherick (don't know the spelling for sure) Anyhow we talked for most of an hour and had a good time chatting.

This past week I did sub teaching for a 3 and 4th grade classroom. I was ready for Friday to end even though it was a nice group of kids. I'm not used to working full time, and I was reminded of the joys of teaching minus the grading and planning! This coming week I sub for a first-second grade classroom that will require a bit more energy, but it is only for 3 days.