Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night

The hard part of watching Maria go up and down physically is mostly past. Now we are going through the emotions of Maria watching Maria go through the ups and downs of recovery. Still on a feeding tube, but tonight they are stopping the feeding and clamping the NG tube because she is having bleeding, and they want to give her the stuff you take to reduce the risk of ulcers. I'm hoping that it will at leaast stop the vomiting that comes now and then and hope she can get some rest. Please pray for her, cause she is still having bad dreamss/thoughts and not as many hallucinations nor as dramatic ones, but still harassed now and then. Right now she keeps twitching, and I just keep praying for her and for the presence of Jesus, etc. She has been afraid to go to sleep, and is really dozing for the first time in two days, but it is a very restless dozing.
Her voice is getting stronger, breathing much less rapid...reasonable. She got to go down to see the baby again, mostly cause Esther kept after the nurse to do it as she was promised. She had PT today and sat on the edge of the bed again, but doesn't remember doing it.

The baby is being dismissed Monday,so I'm concerned about her mental state about not getting to go down to the nursery to see her. Just keep on praying, please. And thanks for your support as well.

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