Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lookin Better

Maria had a great day today, nausea this morning, and a little tonight. She called us on the phone this morning, and we could hear her speak clearly. She looks really good tonight, but is tired from the lack of sleep and having company today, I suppose. She's getting ready to sleep now, so hope she has a really good sleep tonight. Still wanting someone to stay with her overnight, and it's probably good until we know she's not throwing up so suddenly.
The charge nurse rigged up a way for her to be able to push the call button with the back of her hand. (Her staff is calling her McGyver.) Maria is doing her exercises and progressing. Tonight she took the back of her hand and lifted it to her face to try to push the hair back out of her face.
We took boxes of chocolates to the MICU staff...two marked "Day Shift" and two marked "Night Shift". Of course had a thank you note for their incredible care giving that we all signed. It was received with big smiles, and one of the techs came over to Maria's room to say thanks since he didn't see us bring it in.

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