Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maria gets some food to eat.

Maria ate clear liquids yesterday and is on full liquids today. She's eating cream of wheat right now. PT came earlier, and she's always excited to see them. Usually they come a little later, but the therapist came to see her first this morning. When they let her sit up on the edge of the bed, her heart rate went up, and she felt dizzy, so they decided to let her rest and try again later. She hadn't had her meds yet, and the nurse thought she'd do better after the meds kick in. They've started her on lopressor because Monday night she started periodically having an elevated heart rate, and her blood pressure (though better than before) is a little higher than desired. Overall she is doing amazing and is very happy to be able to eat. Yesterday she ate her applesauce and jello herself (fed herself). Also yesterday, her doctor came in and told her that there was only one reason why she was alive and then pointed up. We have had many, many hospital personnel telling us that they were praying for her. Last year, Indiana was the state that put the motto "In God We Trust" as the regular license plate...not the vanity plate. I don't think they are doing it now, but did last year.

Za'Mya had another "event" yesterday during feeding, and this time they had to rub her chest to get her to come out of it. So they won't be dismissing her right away. At first they were going to since she brought herself out, but now it'll be next week before she gets out. We're not happy for the reason, but it means that Maria will be able to see her each day and makes our responsibilities less at "home". Still don't know where we're going after Dec. 1, but hope we get it figured out before Don leaves to go home.

Vanessa, Tandita and TJ are on the way here for the day and should be here soon.

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