Monday, November 23, 2009

One month

Today is the one month mark of Za'Mya's birth. She is not coming home today, cause she had an episode in which her heart rate and oxygen levels dropped suddenly. It corrected itself, but Saturday night her oxygen levels dropped again and corrected itself. Because of these two events, they will keep her up to 5 and probably 7 days longer, which is helpful for both Maria and us. They haven't done the ultrasound on Maria yet for gall bladder but are supposed to do that today. I left at 4:00 a.m. and she slept about 4 hours. I think she slept more after I left but not sure how much cause I haven't talked to Esther yet. We had an undesirable nurse the last two nights, and we are telling the charge nurse that we don't want her to care for Maria again.

Somehow I misunderstood our accommodations status, and we have to be out of the house where we are by Dec 1, not Jan 1, so we are trying to figure out where to go. May check with the academy to see if we can stay in their annex dorm, but we won't be able to take Maria there because of the steps. At least it does have laundry facilites, and Stan Detweiler lives there, so we might be able to wrangle some kitchen priviledges. We'll see. God has worked things out for us so far, so I know all that will be resolved, too.

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